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You must be having a book shelf at your home? Take some time from your busy schedule, have a close look to books that you have read and kept for years in thought that i would read it again. That time has never come and will never come because there is so much new content to read in this world. Our hear beats to read such content which makes us a new person with new imagination & ideas.

We at SaveBooks, wants to give new life to those books kept idle in your bookshelf. You just have to post a free AD to sell or exchange this book with your friends near you.

Your friends will contact you & enquire about your book. You can exchange your book with friend’s book of your choice. You can return the book after reading and with this your book will remain with you. Let’s start with new step to exchange books near us.

Let’s give wings to our old used books to fly through SaveBooks 


Celebrating World Environment Day 2018 | SaveBooks

On , let’s encourage all people on our planet Earth to take care of their saplings as their young ones. It’s not just one day of the year but all 365 days of the year, let’s give them love, care for their growth and move towards a green and .

If every person on Earth pledges to keep their surroundings green and clean, we will definitely have a green planet free from pollution.

Join us  to fulfill our mission to Save Books, Save Trees, Save Earth at SaveBooks

Why do we save books?

Have you ever thought of what is a book? Are books only a collection of papers with words printed on them, binded together with a cover that you can hold in your hands. They are more than it.

The feeling of book holding in your hands, its smell that makes your heart melt, transformation going in our body while reading it is the real impact of books.The knowledge gained through reading will remain with us for our whole lifetime. Books once read will not be read again & be stored in bookshelf for years of no use. Think if people all over the Earth start saving their books how much we can contribute towards greener Earth.

People save books to give new life to their books by reusing & sharing them.

SaveBooks is the most simple way to buy, sell, exchange, donate, reuse, share books online near you. Let’s start a new revolution to save books & spread this to the world around us.

Join us to fulfill our mission to Save Books, Save Trees, Save Earth.

Let’s make this impact everlasting on lives of everyone.


How to save books on SaveBooks?

Start saving your old books & give new life to them. Gift your book a journey of everlasting experience of knowledge and path of enlightenment to your friends

Let’s make our Earth a better place to live in by saving books. Join our effort to Save books, Save paper, Save Trees, Save Earth.

5 powerful ways to save books online by reusing them

  1. Sell old books online

    Selling old books not only add money to your pocket but also you can make new space in your overburdened bookshelf. Sell books with ease in your campus to juniors and near home to friends. Reuse books to save paper.

  2. Buy old books online

    Search used books for sale at great discounts posted by users in your campus or area according to radius defined by you. Buy top selling books from seniors at low rates at this online platform.

  3. Exchange old books online

    Discover exchange of books in your own class, campus through new methods at SaveBooks. Exchanging books gives chance to read books you were eager to read through years but because of overloaded bookshelf, deficiency of time or money you were not able to buy it.

  4. Donate old books online

    Thinking of someone who needs books is a way of helping someone in need. Donate your old books that are no longer needed, gift them free to children who need them.

  5. Share old books online –

    Share your online library of books at SaveBooks with friends to find fast, easy, flexible book shopping experiences. Access to friend’s account, select and shop for your book

Visit SaveBooks – network of books, for an unforgettable experience how to reuse your old books. Access from any device, anywhere, anyplace in this world. Discover online book shopping, a perfect place for book lovers for the unique experience of using your books with less effort.

Spread a word about us among your friends and grab the chance to get free books online.

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Save Trees

Celebrating World Environment Day 2016

There’s a simple question every person on Earth should ask himself ” What are the efforts I’m undertaking to protect my planet ?” This statement should be embedded in the mindset of the people of Earth. We, the people of our planet are all selfish and greedy; we all just know to take things away from Earth and not even a single one of us ever thinks about giving something back. We all contribute towards destroying our planet by giving it lots and lots of pollution, tones of plastic bags, non-biodegradable waste, deforestation, wasting priceless energy resources.

One fine day, Robert Collier had said “People blame their environment. There is only one person to blame – and only one – themselves”.

We all are responsible in for the extreme environmental conditions on our planet. Such situations are faced by us as

No one wants to walk a few steps

No one wants to sit in room without an air conditioner

No one wants to drink water from mud vessel

No one wants access to the natural light

No one wants to turn off the taps

No one wants to switch off the lights


These days, people are willing to go to hill stations to relax and inhale fresh air. There’ll probably be a time when the hills’ atmosphere will just like a box full of garbage. So then where will the people of Earth travel to? I think that by that time the people of our planet would rather prefer to go on a trip to mars wearing an astronaut suit and an oxygen cylinder on their backs. But all this has probably no use unless we at first think to conserve and protect our own planet. The need of the hour is to make the people of earth understand and realize the importance of living in harmony with nature.

For a second, visualize a situation where we all are trapped inside a polythene bag and our planet is trapped by millions and millions of polythene bag. Just imagine how we all and our planet would be feeling inside the cluster of these plastic bags. It is really important that we all must start changing your lives and habits for the environment by little-little steps for our better tomorrow.

Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said that “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”.

Let’s celebrate the World Environment Day on 5 June 2016 for a positive impact on our planet.

We at SaveBooks promote sharing old books with people in your neighborhood and in your school/college.

Buy, sell and exchange books by spreading the word of saving books.

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Celebrate “World Earth Day” with SaveBooks

Let’s celebrate this ” Earth Day ” by pledging to save trees  to support environmental protection.

Experience the power of trees in your life, feel their positivity, fresh air and their ultimate shade protecting us from the harsh sunlight . Let’s plant some trees in the streets and create a natural habitat for birds.

Let’s spread happiness and positivity in the world by making your neighbourhood green.

Let’s understand the bliss of the nature given to us in the form of trees on earth.
Enjoy yourself by studying the beautiful trees, the attractive colours of leaves  and the sounds of leaves made by the flowing breeze.

Listen to your internal voice to feel the ultimate satisfaction by growing trees.
Feel the contentment on seeing the new leaves on your plant. Take a step towards feeling the fulfilment of life.

Let’s motivate people to save the Earth by planting more and more trees. Ignite the passion for saving trees in everybody on EARTH. Respect for life in any form on Earth. Save the beautiful blue planet in this universe.

Spread the message ” Save books, Save paper, Save trees, Save Earth”



Celebrate the “Sparrow Day” with “SaveBooks”

Let’s live along with nature and experience its harmonic pleasure. Spread the blissful joy to every person on our planet and experience its spirit in our each breath.

Trees provide shelter to the birds, which illuminate the mornings with their peaceful cries. Let’s raise awareness about birds and protect them in their natural habitat so that they can nourish their young ones and make our planet a wonderful place to live.

Celebrate the “World  Sparrow Day” with SaveBooks. We all can contribute towards saving the environment by exchanging and selling your used books.

SaveBooks is a platform for exchanging and selling books. You can give a new life to your old books by logging on to SaveBooks to exchange and sell books that are lying idle in your bookshelf.

Let’s spread the message of saving the environment by inviting your friends to SaveBooks to buy, sell and exchange books in their campus or near their home which will help to make our planet a better place to live in.